Service Offerings

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    Training Services :

    Training : Services

    1. Strategic alliance with CADCAMGURU
    2. Corporate trainings on CAD/CAE /CFD
    3. Domain specific Trainings e.x Wire Harness, BIW Trims, BIW Fixtures, Static / Dynamic Analysis, CFD
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    Staffing Solutions :

    Staffing : Solutions

    1. Permenant Recruitment
    2. Temperory Staffing
    3. On-site Workforce Management
    4. Pay roll Administration
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    Engineering & Design Consultancy :

    Engineering : Design

    1. Domain consultancy & Services: .
    2. Oil & Gas (Subsea)
    3. Automotive
    4. Heavy Engineering
    5. White Goods
    6. SPM

Our Core Values

Quality Deliverables

Consistently striving for excellence and committed to providing services that meet or exceed all customer requirements and applicable standards and specifications.


We take immense pride in what we do!


Reliability is the cornerstone of our business and our commitment to our customers.

Competence & Consistency

Competence and Consistency is the foundation of our Core Values. We strive for betterment of our resources to keep them competent and consistent in their work.

Open & Honest Dialogues

We believe, Honesty in the workplace is doing the right things such as engaging in open communication, saying what needs to be said, and being assertive.

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